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Unless of course, you are actually a porn star…
In the age where young adults can access porn easier than they can information on that essay they should be writing, there is the fear that sex is being damaged by this Porn Pandemic as people would rather imitate the latest ‘Back Door Bettie’.
The problem is, is that men may think a sex session should comprise of more positions than the average yoga lesson and that legs do stretch at 180 degree angles. Women (fortunately) rarely have a washboard stomach with giant talon nails and a lust for cock that would rival a KFC lovers. Women are also guilty of this gender stereotyping- your bloke is NEVER going to be Mr Christian Grey, not even if he changes his name, joins a gym and wins the lottery. The Christian Grey’s of the world are reserved for naive, vanilla 19 Year old’s with modest beauty, brains and doting parents and a killer figure, the average looking woman that eats when she’s upset and does sleep with that good looking Spanish guy doesn’t stand a chance.

What happened to the good old ‘fumble on the doorstep’  and the ‘over-too-quickly hand job with that girl behind the beach huts on your yearly trip to Cornwall’? Young adults are experimenting with things that the majority of their parents didn’t know existed.

Porn films provide an unrealistic expectation of sex- clean, hairless, noisy and with women that can squirt for hours on end while their male counterpart jizzes enough to ice a very large cake. In reality, it is noisy, in all the wrong ways. The headboard does bang annoyingly against the wall and the legs squeak too much (By the way, Lubricant […]

Kerry Cole

With the weather heating up, do you dare to take your sex life out of the bedroom and into the wild?
 Every couple have fantasies that they would love to carry out, but the majority keep them to themselves because they are embarrassed or don’t think it is something their partner would take part in. Well why not start voicing these fantasies? We all know that when you are in a relationship, after time your sex life can become dull, repetitive and desperately predictable…Now is the time to shake things up, turn up the heat, get that fiery passion injected back into your love lives and get outdoors!

 A huge fantasy is having sex in the great outdoors, take your partner out somewhere you will be comfortable with, enjoy that gorgeous, liberating feeling that outdoor fun comes with!

 Some simple tips and a bit of guidance will guarantee you and your partner to have a perfectly satisfying outdoor rendezvous.

 Spontaneity is always a great factor when it comes to sexual activities, no one wants it at a certain time, day in day out, so grabbing your partner spur of the moment is definitely the way forward! Make sure you choose your location wisely though, stay away from areas with children and prying eyes, (unless of course you are out dogging, where children do not frequent and prying eyes are welcome!)

 Dressing to impress whilst at the same time being comfortable is definitely a must, you want to feel good, look good but also have easy access and easy hideaway! A mini skirt will suffice just nicely, a sexy Mini Skirt and Crop Top will not only make you look completely insatiable and drive your partner wild but you will […]

Tracy Howard

Sex during pregnancy, you either like it or you don’t. Hormone changes in the body can mean that some pregnant women are put off whilst others can’t get enough! A lot of women can be scared of having sex too, there really is no need, there are plenty of ways to enjoy sex whilst pregnant. Women are more sensitive to better orgasms during their pregnancy, nipple arousal as well as vaginal arousal can be much more heightened to stimulation.
 Finding a position that you are both comfortable with is definitely a top tip, there are plenty to choose from so why not try them all and see which suits you best?!

For instance, the Arm Chair position could be a good one to try, let the male sit legs spread on the bed whilst the female is on top using the male’s legs to hold onto as she rides him and herself into a climax that she has control over, whilst he is still able to reach her mouth to kiss her as well as being able to fondle those beautiful breasts.

 Maybe Spooning is more your cup of tea, the lady lies on her side with her back to her partner as he gently guides his penis in and takes control, penetrating her until she comes. A comfortable and pleasant position for both to enjoy.

 These are just a couple of great sex positions for pregnant couples, there are plenty more you could look at and try. Don’t be afraid to explore with each other, and develop new likes and loves with sex! Take a look at BabyMed for more help and advice on sex positions to regain that healthy sex life you had before or to […]


It shouldn’t….A woman has hormones raging around her body whilst pregnant, this could mean you are either put off sex completely for a while or that you simply cannot get enough, but, may be worried about how sex will affect you and your unborn child. Well, fear not ladies because sex has no effect on the baby, a penis can only penetrate the vagina!

So, why stop yourself from even better orgasms, or for the women out there that have never experienced one, now is the perfect time to be embarking on the orgasm seeking ride!

Orgasms during pregnancy can be heightened and euphoric due to the increased fluid on, in and around your vagina and clitoris, making these areas a lot more sensitive to stimulation!

So ladies get yourself in bed with your man and have a breathtakingly, healthy and wild sex life during your pregnancy!

This gorgeous chain of golden balls, are small and comfortable enough to fit inside your vagina neatly and safely. Just simply slip them in, one at a time and feel the vibrating motion of them rocking around inside, allow yourself to be taken out of this world and into a complete state of euphoria as these delicious golden balls stimulate your vagina walls!


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Kerry Cole


Have you been wracking your brains about what to get for your closest friends this Christmas? Is it causing a bit of a headache just thinking about what they may like? What is an original enough gift that will really be spoiling them without breaking the bank? What will say ‘I saw this and thought of you!’? Look no further, put down those headache tablets and step away from the 3 for 2′s in the bubble bath section, ‘Adult Toys UK’ has just the thing…

Sex. Well, not actual sex of course (unless you have a friendship with benefits), but sex toys. There is surely no friendship on earth where sex doesn’t ever get discussed, whether it’s your new man and the bedroom gymnastics you are performing or the hot new movie where that actress you fancy get’s her kit off, we all talk about sex! Sex is a hot topic! So why not buy something that your friend will really enjoy, something that will put a smile on their face and keep them coming Christmas time and beyond.

There is a fantastic range of products available for both men and women, gay or straight and everything in between that will satisfy their urges and give them just the orgasm they may be craving this festive season. If they’re single then a well chosen sex toy will give them just the right relief and allow them to experiment and keep their libido healthy between lovers.

‘Adult Toys UK’ have put together a few ideas to please the man or woman on your friends list, let us take away the pain of trying to think of that perfect gift by suggesting the perfect gift for you!

The female friends […]