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Introducing Sex Toys Into A Relationship

by Tracy Howard
Introducing Sex Toys Into A Relationship

It may seem like a super sensitive subject to broach with your partner. Whether you’ve only recently got together or you’ve been married for years, if introducing sex toys to your relationship is something you really want to do then do not fear, there are plenty of easy ways to do it without you feeling embarrassed, ashamed or anxious as to the response you may get. Plus, we can let you in on the best introductory couples' toys to get the ball rolling. After all most of our ATUK customers have reported a huge improvement in their sex life thanks to the use of sex toys and props. Perhaps you have a sex toy or a selection of sex toys that you enjoy using and you’d like to share this with your new lover? Maybe you are 20 years married and thinking of spicing things up, either way there is a way to communicate this with your other half and we have the best advice for you to help broach the subject.


I'm in a new relationship and I want to tell my partner that I like to use sex toys but I’m far too shy to bring up the subject! How should I go about it?

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Let’s face it, you still want the intimacy to flow nice and easy when with your lover so being open and honest from the outset is for the best. Be casual in your approach to the subject and do it in a more ‘normal’ environment i.e not in the bedroom. Mention a ‘friend’ who has recently bought themselves a toy and how pleased they are with it. This way you can gauge their reaction from this statement and see how they respond. This way, if you suggest being sceptical of try something similar yourself, you will know by the way in which they respond as to whether they are up for it or not. Always keep this initial chat as very casual and off the cuff. This way it won't appear premeditated or too awkwardly serious.

I enjoy using sex toys but my partner feels I am replacing him with them and that he doesn't satisfy me. This isn't true at all but how do I make him understand this?

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There are plenty of sex toys out there that are not only ridiculous in size but also in power. Couple that with the fact that plenty of them look very realistic and it’s no wonder some people find these vibrating, realistic looking, over-sized dildo’s intimidating. But if truth be told these toys are very outdated now and not as popular as you’d think so no intimidation is necessary! Some of the biggest selling sex toys of the modern day tend to be much smaller, more discreet and quite sleek in style, such as a small bullet vibrator that’s not only easy to carry in your bag, it’s easy to disguise or hide too unlike those monster dildos we were talking about!



It’s best to reassure your partner that these sex toys that you enjoy using are purely to keep you in touch with your own body, to increase your orgasm quota (which is great for your libido and therefore great for them) and that sometimes you don’t want them to be pressured into feeling responsible for your every orgasm. Make sure you tell them how much you enjoy your sex life with them. By introducing an unintimidating bullet vibe or even a vibrating cock ring into the bedroom means that not only do you get to experience the pleasure of the vibrations together but that his erection gets an extra boost should it be faltering and you will always have the vibrations to rely on for that orgasm you are seeking. The pressure is off which should mean he can relax and enjoy himself more without the pressure of being responsible for your climax and you are enjoying a subtle, intense sex toy experience together without the fear of the 12” vibrating, backflipping Double Dong coming near you! Remind your partner that sex toys are there to improve and enhance your sex life not to replace it or compete with it!

How do we use sex toys together?

Adult Toys UK

It’s a good idea to discuss this together and pick something small to begin with. If you sit down and take a look at our website together you will see how much fun it is to look through the various categories, seeing what’s available, getting an idea of the types of things that you may enjoy, maybe you could even make a ‘wish list’ of things to try in the future. We have a whole range of sex toys for couples available and all come with descriptions and reviews to give you an idea of how they work and what other customers have said. This will help you both make an informed choice and you may find that some of the solo sex toys can be used together too!



If you are going to use a vibrator together it’s a great idea to starting things off with a slow and sexy massage. This way you will feel relaxed and can use a toy such as the vibrating bullet massager to slowly release tension, knots, aches and pains and as it travels over your body it will build up the anticipation and be more welcome in other places as your arousal increases. Try the Oui Palm Mini Massager, a perfect way to apply the pressure and pleasure easily and it comes with a travel pouch for those sexy weekends away. What has to be the ultimate in couples vibrating sex toys that are designed to give you simultaneous pleasure is the We-Vibe 3. A smart clitoral and G-Spot vibrator is for both of you to enjoy during sex. It’s simple to use, very discreet and is designed to be inserted into the woman allowing her partner to penetrate her at the same time. Double the pleasure, double the fun, a great way to bring a sex toy into the bedroom that benefits the both of you! Use your sex toys to experiment with each other, use vibrators to tease and massage, stimulate parts of the body that you wouldn't normally think of such as the backs of the thighs, the inside of the arm, the back of the neck, between the breasts. You may find new erogenous zones, you never know! Communication is key, talk about what you like and what you don't, what you would like to try and what you don’t. This way you will keep on talking and trying and enjoying!

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