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Guide To Luxury Vibrators

by Melody Miller
Guide To Luxury Vibrators
Luxury Vibrators

If you don't own a luxury vibrator then you are certainly missing out on top quality and fantastic features as well as stunning design that you don't get in bog standard toys.

So why choose luxury over normal? Many people cannot justify the price of luxury sex toys as they simply do not know what they are getting for the price. Well, for a start, extremely high quality materials that don't get mucky and stained or split, packaging that is so beautiful and so well made that it can be used to store the toys again and again and innovative, never seen before design (imagine the difference between buying a cheap MP3 player and the latest Ipod!). These luxury toys mean that you get value for money for years to come.

Luxury Toy Brands

Big brands such as Lelo, Je Joue and We Vibe get constant media attention and have customers returning time and time again for the next toy. That is because the luxury toys designed and produced are such fantastic quality and look and feel so good. They invest in a great deal of research, developing new products, testing, sourcing new materials and researching new technologies to bring the latest, greatest toy for their customers. Most of these luxury vibrators are now rechargeable which makes life a lot easier for you when it comes to using your toy, it also makes them far greener and environmentally friendly too.

Materials that make the toy include:

  • Medical grade silicone
  • Gold
  • Steel
  • Advanced Skin Safe Plastic

Stunning Presentation

Luxury toys need luxury packaging and these all come with the most stunning designs, indulgent and sensuous, the original and expensive looking packaging leaves you in no doubt of the quality of the product inside. Ranging from sultry, matt blacks to ribbon encased, satin lined gift boxes these packages are for storage as well as presentation.

Highest Quality Materials

Of course the materials used to make such vibrators have to be of the best quality as this only adds to why they are so highly desirable and such luxurious looking items. Most commonly they are made from medical grade silicone, skin safe plastics or stainless steel. They are soft, smooth, sleek and stylish and body safe, not to mention built to last. It’s not just the outside of your luxury vibrator that’s beautiful, the insides are carefully made to ensure the inside motors and engineering are crafted to incorporate the most up to date technology and features resulting in high quality, powerful, discreet vibrations. See more at Guide to Sex Toy Materials.

Innovative Design

Design is of utmost importance to modern day vibrator designers. They craft things that are ergonomically perfect, made from top notch materials and they’re built to last. They are continually innovative and original, improving all the time to make sure that they are always one step ahead of the latest feature or design upgrade. Couples vibrators such as the We-Vibe 2, We-Vibe 3 and We-Vibe 4 are perfect examples of how far these designs have come, vibrators made for couples, ergonomically perfect, durable and stylish, the ultimate vibrator made for two.

Special Features

As well as the quality motors, intricate microprocessors and the neat design of said vibrators they also come with unique and interesting settings such as pulsations, speed variations, vibration modes and as powerful as they are they are virtually silence in use which makes them fantastic for discretion. The Lelo Siri is a prime example with it’s 6 different vibrations, 8 speeds and a whopping total of 48 combinations, allowing you to choose the type of orgasm you want! Epic! A beautifully crafted vibrating, waterproof, rechargeable product is the Lelo Smart Wand, sleek and intricate and made to last and last and last.

Rechargeable Technology

Gone are the days of fumbling around mid session desperately seeking those spare batteries, or worse still not having any replacement ones to hand, mid-orgasm - so not cool! Most of these luxury vibrators are now designed to recharge from the mains sockets and some of them are so high-tech and gadget-gifted that they recharge via USB, such as the Lelo Noa. This makes them even more desirable than they were already and too clever by far! There’s also the magnetic charger technology that’s increasingly being used when designing and making new vibrators and the current production and research into self-healing silicone, meaning even more of our best loved toys are rechargeable, waterproof, silent and almost indestructible! How long before they are able to make us breakfast too we wonder?

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