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Top Ten Best Sex Toys

by Natasha Ellis
Top Ten Best Sex Toys

Sex toys have never been more discussed, more accepted and more prominent than they are at present. Women are openly debating the pros and cons of the latest sex toy, and men are no longer restricted to archaic blow up dolls or pretend ‘lady parts’! This is a new generation and we want to make the most of our right to have fun whilst indulging in our favourite past time! Sales of sex toys have peaked at an all time high, doubling in the past five years, and a massive three quarters of women now own some sort of toy. It is now estimated that the sex toy industry will grow to a phenomenal £40 billion by 2020 in the U.K alone! No doubt, if you're reading this you’ve been browsing around, looking at all the new gadgets and gizmo’s on the market, and they all seem to get more bizarre, super technical or just plain scarier! So, we thought you might like to take a peek at what we think are the best toys on the market to date.


  • 1Best For Couples

    This is one of the only sex toys designed exclusively for couples. This excellent little vibe continually makes top ten bestseller lists all over the globe and millions of people can't be wrong! The woman inserts one end into her vagina, whilst the other end rests gently on her clitoris, ensuring absolute pleasure. The ultra thin flex arm embraces her curves, allowing room for him to slide in and join in on the alluring action!

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  • 2Best For The Single Girl

    This really is an excellent little invention, made by the renowned Ohmibod, this brings music and masturbation together. Designed specifically for use with your ipod, it can also work with the majority of MP3 players on the market. Simply plug and go! The vibrations work in conjunction with the volume and beats of the music that you are listening to. What could be better when you're on your own than laying back, listening to your favourite tracks whilst being sexily seduced by this awsome vibrator? Seduce your senses with this sex toy perfection!

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  • 3Best Boy Toy

    The most-wanted sex toy for boys EVER!! This fantastic gadget will turn you into a real life stud! Forget the pills and potions, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit will help you obtain your peak sexual performance and find your own personal rhythm, all done naturally! The Fleshlight STU has been specifically designed to replicate the exact sensations of sexual intercourse. The SuperSkin masturbation sleeve is the most life like currently on the market and will give you the most intense and stimulating training experience ever!

    1. Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) Pink Vagina Review by Tyen

      I had some initial inhibitions before buying this product but all of it disappeared once I have used it. Boy! It felt so good! It's not too nice to look at and a bit bulky but the liquid soft silk ensures that you have a good time. When I entered it the first time, I really couldn't believe how good it felt and I was able to use it for a longer duration. Well, this itself was the whole idea behind the product. In my opinion, it is a worth enough investment and is the best male sex toy ever!, (Posted on 01/11/2012)

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  • 4Best For Sexy Shower Time

    Everyone loves to indulge in a bit of shower sex, though it usually proves quite tricky! Finding the right positions usually hinders the spontaneity of making love, however, with this fantastic little tool, you can be superbly satisfied next time you decide to partake in a little shower play! The Sex in The Shower Foot Rest is cleverly designed to attach to any painted or tiled surface and guarantees a sturdy grip with its ultra strong, lever activated, suction cup. It can be removed and repositioned again and again, allowing you to use it in all sorts of places! Let your imagination do the rest!

    1. Sex In The Shower - Single Locking Suction Foot Rest Review by April Meisel

      Shower sex has always been a fun thing. I usually love to go behind her and this is where height has always been an issue. She is way too short. The suction footrest was a blessing and it really didn (Posted on 08/09/2012)

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  • 5Best For First Timers

    This has power and discretion all in one! Perfect for the first time vibe virgin. The pointed nib makes it ideal to use not only as a vaginal vibrator, but all over the body! It’s classic design makes it a bedside cabinet essential, and the simple to use button at the base requires just one click to increase the intensity of vibrations. What are you waiting for! Well, what can we say... It’s a classic vibrator that does exactly what it says on the tin! The Rocks Off Bullet will allow you to increase or decrease the level of vibrations to suit your needs. Enjoy!

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  • 6Best For Discretion

    Now you really can’t get more discreet than this! The Make Me Blush Brush has proven to be the most inconspicuous vibrator to date! It HAS to be a handbag essential as the brush can actually be used for applying make up. No one will ever suspect that you enjoy a little titillation, even if it falls from your makeup bag! Great if you have inquisitive kids or just like to enjoy your life to the max! The 6 inch insertable shaft is also waterproof, so can be used in the shower too! It has a twist operated dial at the base which allows you to enjoy variable speeds of vibration and the brush is also perfect for those who like a little tickle!

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  • 7Best For Travel

    How discreet and compact is this?! Looks just like a roll on deodorant, you’ll pass all those annoying airport checks with complete confidence. Even if you lose your luggage, it is completely indistinguishable! The clever design allows it to stretch open fully so the flexible body can let you enjoy an array of stimuli, whether you like a rolling motion, straight in and out or even left to right action! Great news for business travelers! Simply peel open the base plastic and extend the flexible body of the product! The Tenga Rolling Head Cup is pre lubricated and completely disposable. It al

    1. Tenga - Rolling Head Cup Review by Dizzel "Dizzel"

      The material for this product is pretty cool and I used with just enough amount of lube that could provide the warm and slippery feeling. The air hole was a bit noisy initially but the sensations were amazing. Turn on the music and no one would have the hint what you are up to. I would highly recommend this product. (Posted on 14/01/2013)

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  • 8Best For Fetish Lovers

    This is a fantastic kit for all those that like a bit of alternative action! Great for those just discovering the joys of fetish, this kit also perfect for updating your fetish toy box, with its luxurious purple cheetah print. All the items provided can be used on both men and women, giving you hours and hours of fun! The kit with a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs, firm velvet-lined paddle, plush lined loved mask, collar with sturdy o-ring, and a nylon leash with connecting clip. All in super sexy PVC with gorgeous velvet lining. Use tie each other up, indulge in some spanking or use to restrain and tease!!

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  • 9Best For Gay Women

    Wow! This is truly THE ultimate vibrator for those who love to play with each other and tease each other to the max! The Club Vibe comes with a pair of sexy lace knickers where the vibe sits discreetly, and has an amazing remote control that will let your partner decide where and when you experience the vibrations! This excellent vibrator will pulse and vibrate to the beats of music, whether you're in a club, concert or even a pub! But it doesn't stop there... the built in mic will even vibrate to your partners voice, what could be more pleasing? This can be used literally anywhere! Its wireless and USB rechargeable, lightweight, slimline and discreet. The range of the remote is 15 - 20 feet, so the possibilities of enjoyment really are endless. Simply place the vibrator into the knickers, pass your partner the small remote and enjoy the ride!

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  • 10Best For Gay Men

    This has topped the top ten best sex toys for gay men for nearly 10 years! The Pink Fleshlight Butt Speed Bump is probably the nearest thing to reality on the market to date. Can be enjoyed with a partner and on your own, you really shouldn't be without one of these! This particular fleshlight works in the same way as other fleshlights. It comes as a sleeve that is inserted into the black casing, providing added pressure onto the sleeve. To maximise your enjoyment, simply twist the end cap to control the amount of suction! Excellent for those who want to experiment with anal and for those with a little more experience!

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