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Top Ten Cheap Sex Toys for Beginners

by Natasha Ellis
Top Ten Cheap Sex Toys for Beginners

The current climate of the economy has made everyone think twice about going out to enjoy themselves, instead more and more people are opting to have some in-house fun and explore all the joys sex toys can bring. So, if you're thinking of experimenting for the first time, of course you’d like to know exactly what are the most cost effective, thrilling and satisfying toys on the market are? Our comprehensive list gives you a complete guide to starting a collection, or just finding a cheap favourite to keep you occupied, aroused and happy in these frugal times.


  • 1Play House Silver Vibrator

    * LENGTH: 5.5 inches

    * INSERTABLE: 4.5 inches

    * WIDTH : 3 inches

    * TYPE: Quiet, mini vibrator


    An an absolute classic! This will provide you with all you need to ease yourself, or someone else, into the wonderful world of using sex toys. It is totally waterproof, so would make an excellent addition to a steamy shower session, and it also performs brilliantly in the bedroom. Oozing sophisticated style, the Play House Vibe is simple to use and easy to clean. At just £9.99, this is definitely worth investing in! See More Vibrators

    See more: Play House Silver Vibrator

  • 2Clit Clips - By Seven Creations

    * Decorative

    * Enhances Climax

    * Discreet


    These are great if you want to try something new. Can be worn discreetly in your underwear, or can be used whilst having sex. Clit Clips will enable you to enjoy longer climaxes and will add that something extra to the bedroom. Easy to use, they are less intimidating than a vibrator but will definitely add some spice! Priced at just £3.50, these certainly won’t break the bank. See More Sensory Products

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  • 3Toy Joy Hard To Please Joy Ring

    * Adjustable * Easy to use * Great penis stimulation A great one for those who want to stay harder for longer. No need to buy expensive pills or creams, this simple device is a fantastic introductory piece to help you maintain an erection for longer! £4.95 is an excellent price for a toy you can use again and again! See More Cock Rings

    1. Toy Joy Hard To Please Joy Ring Review by D. P. York

      The packaging was great and gave me the desired benefits. I was highly ecstatic about this product and you can get harder than you can imagine. Just stimulate your organ gently and enjoy the amazing bouts of pleasure. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Highly recommended. (Posted on 09/12/2012)

    See more: Toy Joy Hard To Please Joy Ring

  • 4Muvee

    * Cock Ring

    * Diameter: 1.25 inches

    * Excellent flexibility


    Made from super soft silicone, this vibrating cock ring will not only please you, but also your partner. The positioning of the vibrating unit is uniquely placed at a right angle for extra clitoral stimulation for her. This can also be removed if it proves a little too exciting! Rechargeable batteries and a price of £8.50 make this an excellent investment! See More Cock Rings

    1. Muvee Review by Runuts

      This cock ring is extremely comfortable and fits just perfectly around your shafts. The best thing is that the material is highly stretchy and would be compatible with all men. It does provide a bit of stimulation but more so it keeps you hard and you last long enough. (Posted on 02/08/2012)

    See more: Muvee

  • 5White Gloss Bondage Tape

    * Self clinging material

    * Easy to remove

    * Simple to use


    As we’ve all been hearing about the latest best selling novel - Fifty Shades of Grey, why not indulge in a bit of light bondage and recreate your very own scene! This Bondage Tape is easy on the eye, super sexy and totally versatile! Use it to tie your partner up, as a mouth gag or even make your assets the star of the show by wrapping around your breasts and letting him seductively undress you! All that for just £4.99! See More From our Fetish Range

    1. White Gloss Bondage Tape Review by Leeboy

      Me and my partner were regular BDSM lovers and always looking to add something to out kit that can make a difference to the play. These bondage tapes seemed nice and was of great help when it came to make your partner stick to one place and get dominated. It was her turn to be tied up for the first time and she said that they were comfortable to wear. Easy to peel off too, I would love to recommend these tapes. (Posted on 27/11/2012)

    See more: White Gloss Bondage Tape

  • 6Toy Joy Goody Drawer Joy Set

    * Made from soft silicone

    * Super stretchy

    * Excellent value


    These make a fantastic investment. The 6 silicone sleeves will give you hours of enjoyment, each one featuring a different style and feel. Can be placed over a vibrator for extra titillation, or can be simply slipped over your penis to enhance your lovemaking. £8.95 is a small price to pay for such a versatile product! See More Sleeves

    1. Muvee Review by Runuts

      This cock ring is extremely comfortable and fits just perfectly around your shafts. The best thing is that the material is highly stretchy and would be compatible with all men. It does provide a bit of stimulation but more so it keeps you hard and you last long enough. (Posted on 02/08/2012)

    See more: Toy Joy Goody Drawer Joy Set

  • 7Anal Finger Stimulator

    * Length: 2.5 inches

    * Comfortable

    * Ideal for first timers


    If you're thinking about introducing some light anal play into the bedroom, this really is the perfect choice. Being just 6.5 cms in length, there’s no need to feel intimidated! The stimulator fits neatly around your finger, letting you stroke, insert and tantalize your partner to an amazing climax! £5.50 is literally pocket money! See More Anal Toys

    1. Anal Finger Stimulator Review by Simon

      A silicone simulator, this vibe is surprisingly smaller than normal vibes and really gives the feeling of fingers in your anal hole. While I found it unhygienic to poke my fingers into her anal hole, she craved for the same sensation and this is the reason that I am able to write this review. She felt just right and it was also easy for me to get it done. While it did not reach deep, I was able to titillate her fancily and she loved every stroke of it. I made her explode 3 times the first day. It surprisingly made her horny and soon she was all over me and things just happened!, (Posted on 04/08/2012)

    See more: Anal Finger Stimulator

  • 8Mini Rabbit Vibe

    * Width: 1.25 inches

    * Length: 5 inches

    * Insertable: 3 inches


    A great bunny to start of your collection! This has been a bestseller for years and millions of satisfied ladies (and men!) can’t be wrong. Can be discreetly stored and is the perfect choice for travelling. Rabbit vibes are so popular as they not only provide vaginal stimulation, but also arouse the clitoral area, giving you the most amazing orgasms! For just £8.50, this is a bargain! See More Rabbit Vibrators

    See more: Mini Rabbit Vibe

  • 9Tickle Me Tickler

    * Excellent fun

    * Compact

    * Luxurious


    Tickle and tease your way into the bedroom with this great little feather accessory from Les Petit BonBons. Easily stored away in its own gorgeous black box, this is definitely one to be kept close by in your bedroom cabinet! Bound in luxurious satin, the feathers are super soft making this a great accessory to your lovemaking! At just £7.00, you really can’t go wrong! See More Sensory Toys

    See more: Tickle Me Tickler

  • 10Toy Joy Safari Stimulating Egg

    * Width: 3.5 inches

    * Length: 2 inches

    * Insertable: 2 inches


    An excellent choice for couples, this will get your partner aroused and ready for action! Don't be fooled by the price, this perfect little egg will provide you with excellent vibrations and smooth stimulation. Can also be used alone or even when you're on the move! Its fabulous design makes it discreet, and requires just 2 AA batteries, so will constantly be value for money. £9.95 is a bargain price for such a powerful little toy! See More Vibrating Eggs

    See more: Toy Joy Safari Stimulating Egg

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