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How do I add Product Reviews?

How do I add Product Reviews?


So you've bought it, tried it and made up your mind about your ATUK purchase so why not share your experience with our customers to help them decide if it’s their cup of tea. It's vital that we publish honest and informative reviews from real customers such as yourselves, for the benefit of the ATUK community.

Perhaps it’s a new item you’ve finally managed to test out after a great deal of anticipation and curiosity. Or perhaps you’d like to share a few lovely words about a golden oldie you’re partial to, still to this day. If you agree that a review would be largely helpful to you before you choose to buy, why not be of aid to fellow adult toy lovers and share your critique?

No matter what you care to impart, we need your reviews to make our website shopping experience as full and informative as possible. As a generous thank you to our more regular reviewers, we will continue to send items to you every now and then, that you’ll test out and write reviews on. Not only will your opinions be heard by many an ATUK frequenter, you get to keep the products we post to you AND you get to be part of our wonderful team!

So what are you waiting for?

Simply use our search box at the very top of the page to look up your item. Once you’ve hunted it down, beneath the product’s description you’ll find a straightforward form for submitting your review. All you need do is fill in your name, give the item a rating and list some pros and cons, as well any other thoughts you have about it.

Once you have sent your review through to us, it will be subject to a little customary moderation. But if you’re honest, fair and do not use offensive language, consider your review published!