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Adult Toys UK Packaging

Will my order be in plain packaging?

plain brown boxes...


To enable you to shop with complete confidence, we operate a secure and fast service where our products are shipped to you in completely discreet packaging.

What will my package have written on it?

The sender’s name on the package will read Select E Products Ltd along with the return address. This means no one can possibly deduce that the goodies contained within aren’t nearly as boring as the dull, unremarkable packaging they’re wrapped up in!

How will my package look?

We use recyclable parcels and packaging materials of the best quality. Here are some examples of the parcels and the packaging we use for secure and discreet distribution to you:

All boxes are sturdy and strong. Products may also arrive in plain heavy duty jiffy bags. depending on what packaging is more ideal. We even pad out the item with extra filling so it doesn't rattle or hit against the side of the box. No one will be able to tell, simply by touch, what is inside the package either.

So even if you have to pick up your parcel from the post office, have it delivered to an alternative address or return it to us using our freepost returns sticker, its contents remain a secret.