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How do I use Wishlists?

How do I use wishlists?

Adult Toys UK’s Wishlists are exciting to add to and a great way of keeping all your most yearned-for sex toys and products organised so that you don’t forget what you want. You can create any number of wishlists, calling them what you want and start sharing them with whoever you like.

You’ll need to login to your account to make use of our wishlist feature, or sign up if you haven’t already.

How do I create my wishlist?

Below the item description for every product on our website, you can find a button allowing you to add to wishlist. Click this and you’ll be able to select which of your wishlists you’d like your desired product to be added to.

If you don’t have an ATUK account, you’ll be asked to make one. This is a quick and easy process - once you’ve created one, you’ll have full access to our wishlist feature and you can continue building your wishlists.

To view your wishlist at any time, simply click Member Info at the top of the page, and then select View Your Wishlist.

When you’re in your wishlists, you can easily remove any products by clicking Delete. You can also purchase all or any individual item in your wishlist by selecting either Add All to Cart or Add to Cart.

Share your wishlist with friends

If your wishlist would make for a great birthday present or a treat from your lover to yourself, you have the Share Wishlist option to send it to whoever you like. Just type in the email addresses of the recipients (you can send to more than one) and include a message if you like.

And you can still have the element of surprise after hinting at your desired presents. If you’ve given us an address in your Adult Toys UK account, friends can order your Wishlist products and they’ll be delivered to you without them having to know or ask for your address!

How do I create a wishlist for Sex Toy Reviewer products?

If you’re one of our fortunate and fantastic Sex Toy Reviewers, or you’re hoping to become one, it’s important that you create a wishlist and name it ‘SEX TOY REVIEWER’. That way, we know what products you’d like us to send you for free to be reviewed!

Go here to view the current products waiting to be sent out and start adding to your SEX TOY REVIEWER wishlist.

If you want any further help or information regarding Wishlists at Adult Toys UK, please use our contact us page or email us at help@adulttoysuk.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.